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Clark is a native of Idaho, which is the setting for most of his novels. A country boy, Clark lived many lives before becoming an author. He worked on construction, driving heavy equipment, and worked as a carpenter, dishwasher, and sales agent in a clothing store. He got degrees in Theatre Arts, Electrical Engineering, physics, math, and a J.D. Clark worked for ten years as a contractor for the C.I.A. before starting his first high-tech company in Silicon Valley. Along the way, Clark studied to become a shaman. His stories reflect his experiences developing much of the spy technology in use today and the training he endured to become a shaman.
World bestsellers

Hokee Wolf

Hokee Wolf is both a Navajo shaman and Idaho’s best private detective.
For fans of Tony Hillerman: Hokee Wolf is both a Navajo shaman and Idaho’s best private detective. When three million dollars cash is pilfered while in transit, Hokee embarks on a twisting and deadly investigation in this unique mystery.

World bestsellers

Hokee Wolf II

Satanic Rituals — An evil cult is abducting girls from a University campus. No one ever sees the girls again.

In another case, someone is stealing the bids of an old Hokee client. This case has Hokee visiting Englad, Japan, and Egypt, where he nearly loses his life. When Hokee’s friend, Glory returns to Pocatello, the two cases stretch the investigator’s talents to the limit. When an old enemy sends three highly skilled killers to Pocatello to end Hokee’s life, he takes off the gloves and does what a shaman does best.

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