The Dragonfly

His Father was murdered. His house was burned down. His business was burned out. His newest invention is stolen by the U.S. Government. Lance Peterson, a handsome half-breed Pomo wants revenge.
The action begins in the small northern California town of Boonville and covers most of the state from Edwards Air Force Base near Los Angeles to Trinity Lake in the far north. Lance utilizes years of training in the California forests by his father and grandfather to lead the military on a most unusual nail biting chase. Along the way Lance finally discovers love only to lose it before finding it again for keeps.


They sent four special force operatives to kill him and dispose of his body. He had six hours to save the life of the U.S. President.
He was three thousand miles away with a team of killers on his trail. There was no record of his existence. No fingerprints. No driver’s license. No Social Security numbers. No one knew his real identity and there was no one he could call on for help.

Hokee Wolf

Hokee Wolf is both a Navajo shaman and Idaho’s best private detective.
For fans of Tony Hillerman: Hokee Wolf is both a Navajo shaman and Idaho’s best private detective. When three million dollars cash is pilfered while in transit, Hokee embarks on a twisting and deadly investigation in this unique mystery.

Hokee Wolf II

Satanic Rituals -- An evil cult is abducting girls from a University campus. No one ever sees the girls again.
In another case, someone is stealing the bids of an old Hokee client. This case has Hokee visiting Englad, Japan, and Egypt, where he nearly loses his life.
When Hokee’s friend, Glory returns to Pocatello, the two cases stretch the investigator’s talents to the limit.
When an old enemy sends three highly skilled killers to Pocatello to end Hokee’s life, he takes off the gloves and does what a shaman does best.

Hokee III

Hokee III by Clark Viehweg is the third Hokee Wolf novel and will be released on January 23, 2024. Human trafficking and pedophilia are multi-billion-dollar industries, enslaving over five thousand men, women, and children every month. The mainstream media ignore this sad story, oblivious to the human suffering of both the victims and their families. Hokee Wolf, trained by his mentor to be a shaman-medicine man, chose instead to use his skills to become Idaho’s premier private investigator, helping police solve crimes.
When Shoshone Indian children turn up missing, and the reservation police seem helpless to stop the kidnapping, the council hires Hokee to find them for their parents. Trailing the kidnapping ring to their primary American headquarters in Houston, Texas, he discovers the truth about human trafficking. The trail leads through the armpit of humanity, Mauritania, Africa, where slavery is a modern institution, to the brothels in Paris; Hokee finds himself stranded in the Sahara Desert without food, water, or transportation. It takes all his training to stay alive and find the missing children.
“So Yankee, let me get this straight. If I talk, you will kill me quickly. If I
don’t answer your questions, you leave me to die in the desert. Are those
my only options?”